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Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Search Engine Optimization Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential.

Your website cannot operate in limbo any longer. Enough of designing a website for a few hundred dollars and leave it in the open web to rot away while you complain of low website traffic, low sales turnover and low patronage.

These sad stories could actually be turned around if you could get professional help in these online matters. What the average Entrepreneur does is to start Googling online for “Quick tips” and “Hacks” while the truth is they actually lack the Know-how to use these hacks to increase their web presence and get the needed visibility for their businesses.

“What good will a Search engine optimization professional do for you?” you may ask.

Quite a lot.

Are you in such a situation where your business website isn’t bringing in leads, inquiries or generating orders for your product? It’s obvious you are not making any money from having a website but all hope is not lost. Simply read on.

When it comes to the online world, it is only “Professionals” that can get you the results you need. You actually need professional help. So, you need to be ready to pay the price to make your business get ahead. I would advise that your main preoccupation should not be cost implications but goals, objectives and positive return-on-investment (ROI). Increasing your customer base, brand visibility would ultimately impact your lead generation objectives as well as sales, hence you end up with more money. Professional search engine optimization services will get you these.

If want you want is website traffic and online brand visibility, then what you need is a search engine optimization solutions. This is a digital marketing solution provided by an SEO practitioner or a digital marketing agency. A search engine optimization expert is a marketing professional skilled in the art of tweaking website contents using the best SEO practices to give a website search visibility and show up on Google search results. This translates to your website or products pages being seen on Google’s first page, getting more click-throughs and more visits to your website, thereby increasing your chances of landing new customers.

So, why do you need an SEO Expert? Or What can you gain from Search engine optimization?

Reasons Why Your Website Needs An SEO Expert

1. To Help your Website Get Search Engine Visibility

Google is the most visited search engine today, processing about 2 billion searches daily! The use of online searches has grown exponentially within the last few years. Most visits to your site would come from some of these online searches from related words. If your website is search engine optimized with the right keyword and delivers good and quality content, then your website has a chance to show up on search results based on the rate of competition for such keyword and a bunch of other important factors search engines use to rank a website high or low.

2. To Get Targeted Online Traffic and Potential Clients

The fact is that there are more clients online than any other place or platform that your business would want to target to attract prospects. Having a search engine optimization expert can help you optimize your website contents so that potential clients can find you easily on the web via search engines. Be it a global search or a local search (this is a search for local businesses within a particular geographical area). With an SEO expert, your website can show up on these searches as first option and searches can proceed to click to visit your website or get directions to your physical business address or even proceed to phone in for inquiries.

3. To Optimize your Website for Speed and User Experience

With the professional services of a search engine optimization practitioner, you have someone that understands a key factor in website optimization – Speed. The page speed is an important factor in getting ranked in search engine results. The contents of a single web page could include text, images, flash animations, video, audio, etc. All these impacts the average speed at which a page is fully downloaded over the internet. If your web page takes too long to download 9preferable under 4 seconds) then you might get frustrated users who might leave and never return to your website again. This would mean a bad user experience on your website which may be bad for your search engine reputation.

4. To Maximize your Website Elements for Conversion and Lead Generation

A search engine optimization expert also has the skills to help you design a web page that can easily convert visitors into newsletter subscribers, sign up for an offer or click a link to download a product. Popular examples of website elements include call-to-action buttons, signup forms, contact forms, video and links (image and text). Any of these elements could be placed on strategic locations on a website or web page to encourage interaction with it from the site visitor. When it pertains to driving online marketing campaigns, Landing Pages are used. A landing page is a page that is designed to elicit a particular kind of response from the visitor. A landing page can be designed to give information about a special product or service. Others could serve the sole purpose of obtaining just email address from its embedded signup form which may be the main goal of such a campaign.

5. To help you recover form Google algorithm updates

Due to the nature of the Search marketing landscape, search engine giant like Google is always updating its search algorithm so as to render the best and most relevant results in its search engine result pages (SERPs). An algorithm is defined as a set of programmable instructions which a computer program follows when executed.  Over time, some unscrupulous webmasters found ways to cheat the system by ranking a keyword while the website or webpage has an entirely different theme and content. A popular one is when you run a search on the name of a celebrity and you click the first set of search engine results pages (SERPs) and instead of the link taking you to a website that is supposed to show you information about the celebrity, you end up on a pornographic website. Such occurrence gives Google a bad image and that’s why Google updates its ranking factors from time to time so as to deliver unique and valuable search experience to users.

The nature of these algorithm updates may make the first-page ranking website to get push to the fifth page overnight. Sometimes website gets penalized for breaching Google terms and policies and the website gets banned on the SERPs. When this happens, do not panic. That’s what a search engine optimization expert is for- to help you recover from such situations.

6. To help you identify website and server issues that might affect your website

Search engine optimization has two major parts to it, namely on page SEO and off page SEO. On page deals with SEO elements on a website or web page such as the URL, title, heading, meta description, images, links, keywords optimization and so on. While off page concerns with SEO techniques that affect the technical aspect of a website. This normally includes a sitemap, robots txt files, ttfb (time-to-first-byte), page speed, server error codes and i.p. blacklist issues. Most times website owner use shared hosting solution which is cheap to maintain but with so many trade-offs. A server hosting ten websites with a fast CPU will do better and handle traffic requests as well as against a server with over 200 websites with low resources. Websites hosted on the latter will be painfully slow and might impact user experience. If a page loads less than four seconds, your website is already losing revenue by 30%. An SEO practitioner could use specialized tools to determine theseissues and take proper actions to fix things which could be by moving your website to a less congested server by the hosting company or upgrading to a dedicated server.

7. To help you with PPC advertising and related issues

When you need to purchase advertising on Google search, you need the expertise of an SEO professional. Something as technical as placing adverts on the web should not be left to inexperienced hands. By the way, we are talking about money here and where you spend your money in the course of doing business, you would expect a good return on investment (ROI). Advertising on search engines like Google is called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. You only pay from a fixed budget when a user clicks on your displayed ads. Before embarking on advertising expenses, it is good if you actually let a search engine optimization person check the bid rate for the keywords you intend using, it’s CPC, competition on that keyword and its possible click-through rate (CTR) in relation to the amount of product/service you expect the user to buy when he lands on your webpage. These are key factors in determining if it’s profitable to advertise or optimize for that keyword organically.

Thank you for reading this far. You understand now that as long as you have a website or content blog, you need constant traffic to increase your customer base (as a service-oriented company), subscribers, and visitors or make sales in case you have an online store.

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